We are your best choice for medical billing, accounts receivable processing, and claims services!

Our medical billing service provides the benefit of reducing the administrative burden of your medical practice, that comes with dealing with insurance companies. Our specialized team provide an efficient and streamlined service ensuring that claims are processed efficiently, saving you time and money.

The claims process:

  1. Claims are entered into our software and are checked for accuracy to ensure payment from insurance companies is prompt.
  2. We can connect to your EHR and retrieve the necessary data to drop your claims.
  3. All claims are scrubbed and checked while being sent to the electronic clearing house for insurance companies.
  4. All insurance checks and patient checks are posted into the billing software.
  5. Denials are followed up immediately and resubmitted.
  6. Reports are run monthly to ensure all outstanding claims are called on.
  7. Patients receive statements for balances that are not paid by the insurance company.
  8. We work with an affiliated collection agency for claims not able to be collected.

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Medical Billing

With todays insurance reimbursement rates, every charge must be handled and followed closely. We separate ourselves from competition by repeatedly investigating any denied claims to minimize write offs and improve your bottom line. We are able to remotely access your EHR system and drop claims within 24 hours to alleviate any time involved from your staff. We host a secure cloud access for any data transfer needed to be compliant with all the regulations. In house certified coders.

Complete A/R servicing

We want you to think of our staff as an extension of your staff. You provide the services to your clients and let us resolve the rest for you. Open communication is key, we work with you to reach the common goal. Our customer service staff is here for you and desire to help you.


We are affiliated with Total Recovery Services a local collection agency adding another service to assist along the receivables process.